How we spend it

One of our primary objectives is to raise funds to purchase equipment and supply additional services w hich will improve the quality of life for the sick and p remature babies in the unit and their families.

In recent years we have furnished the overnight rooms at the unit that allow parents to be closer to and spend more time with their baby. Recent acquisition s also include a TV set and DVD player for the pare nts ’ room on the unit, toys for siblings visiting a baby on the unit, as well as medical text books for the staff and books for parents relating to prematurity.

Whittington Babies has also purchased moveable breast pumps so mothers can express milk in comfort, specialist cot s and equipment that monitor sound levels on the un it – ensuring that everybody is aware of keeping noise l evels down, resulting in calm and relaxed babies.

We have also provided gel cushions that help alleviate pressure caused by babies with limited movement.